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I didn’t want to do this. Really I didn’t.

Akazukin Chacha was one of those things I'd put in a shoebox and hidden in the back of the closet. It’d passed and gone, I was content to let this website float in cyberspace for the rest of eternity without ever looking at it agian.

Then I found out that Geocities was going under. And despite the fact that it’s a hotbed for crudely designed ’90s-style webpages, it was also the pre-cursor to today’s web. As embarassing as it is, it ought to be preserved. Exactly what The Archive Team is doing.

Kudos to them for saving our crap for future generations to point and laugh at. I can't do much but save this small slice of my history that I shared with the rest of the Internet.

You could probably find better information elsewhere on the InterWeb so I didn’t add anything more about the show than what was here before. All I did was clean up a bit, re-arranged the furniture, smoothed out the rough edges out and edited some of the existing text.

Signing off,

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About the show

Akazukin Chacha (often abbreviated ACC) is typial anime fan-fare aimed at children, particularly girls. The title character, Chacha is an orphaned girl studying under the tutelage of the greatest magician in the land. Did her parents really die or did resident bad guy, Daimarou, have his hand in this?

After 74 episodes the show was cancelled in Japan due to lack in popularity. It received a brief resurgence in Southeast Asia when it was translated and aired for the market there.

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This entire website, in all its incarnations, always depended on the kindness and contributions of its audience. Some of those who helped are:

Apologies if I forgot to include your name. Thank you, one and all.