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This site is now called the Akazukin Chacha Archive (ACC Archive for short). It was my first website; I'd taught myself HTML, signed up with GeoCities and left my first footprint on the Internet.

Abbreviating my very first online pseudonym I christianed the site Ky’s World. After a straight 7-hour-run of applying finishing touches, Ky’s World was unleashed on the night of Thursday, July 23rd, 1998. In case you're wondering, I didn't have school that morning.

Like other web masters who were green around the gills the site was going to showcase my interests which, being an adolescent male, was mainly video games. But when I uploaded the Akazukin Chacha material the day following the site's unveiling, the response was so immense (by ’90s standards) that I dropped everything else from the site and focused exclusively on ACC.

Soon after it went up, Ky’s World was featured in the Mochi-Mochi Mountain mailing list, hosted by Stellaris. In November 1998, Ky’s World was the feature site of the month of The Akazukin Chacha Club. And, as Kayin’s Anime Archive and Fan Fiction Library, it was awarded the Website of the Month for April 2000 from The Native Land of Akazukin Chacha website.

Website of the Month, April 200

After a while, the site stopped growing save for the fan fictions. To reflect this new charter I renamed the site Kayin’s Anime Archive and Fan Fiction Library. But when a little spark took hold of me I again renamed the site to Kayin’s @nime Arena with bigger ideas that never materialized. Kayin’s @nime Arena would remain on GeoCities right up until the announcement of its impending closure.

In its current incarnation as the ACC Archive, I hope to save the site's contents as part of the Internet’s early cultural history. I also hope to never have to touch this site again.

And now you know the story. I'll leave you know with my old banners which I keep for nostalgic purposes.

  • Ky’s World of Akazukin Chacha
  • Ky’s World of Akazukin Chacha
  • Kayin’s Akazukin Chacha Archive and Fan Fiction Library

This entire website, in all its incarnations, always depended on the kindness and contributions of its audience. Some of those who helped are:

Apologies if I forgot to include your name. Thank you, one and all.