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Wearing her trade mark red hood, (Akazukin means red hood or red hooded) she's just the cutest thang you've ever seen!

Full name
People call her Chacha or Red Hood Chacha .
12. But she doesn't act her age eventhough Seravi keeps telling her to.
Blonde hair, usually hidden under a red hood. Two pig tails that are visible out from under her hood. In the earlier episodes, she can transform into the Magical Princess Holy Up. If that is the case, look for a Sailor Moon wannabe. (Check Holy-Up's page for more information on her.)
Just about everybody, except the bad guys. She thought one of the bad guys, Mookin the Slime Monster, was cute. She has a special place in her heart for Riiya and Shiine though, her two best friends, but if you ask me, she prefers Riiya, especially in his wolf form!
Is liked by
Riiya and Shiine. Well, Chiiky likes her as well. Otherwise why would Chiiky follow her in the episode where she found the Phoenix Sword. I think everybody likes her, except Yakko (who likes her Teacher Seravi) and Marin (who likes Riiya).
Obviously the Dark Master, Daimarou for turning her parents into stone; Rats (even the toy ones); Marin (because Marin likes Riiya)

Chacha is the princess of the land, although earlier on she does not know that. (Heck, we don't know that either.) Entrusted to Teacher Seravi by her grandfather Genus, Chacha has been staying with Seravi for 12 years. (More information regarding why she was given to Seravi can be found on my Background Info page. Teacher Seravi teaches Chacha about magic and about life, both of which she is rather naiive about. Daimarou wants her dead so that he can rule over the land.

When Chacha is about to attend Urara's School of Magic, Seravi gives her The Magical Princess Medallion that, along with the Bracelet and Ring, enables her to 'holy-up' and take on the form of the Magical Princess Holy Up. She later makes 2 very close friends, Shiine Chan (to whom she gives the Ring) and Riiya (who is given the Bracelet). Whenever they come across an enemy that is too big to handle, Chacha Holy Up's and let's the Magical Princess strut her stuff. She later loses this ability when Chacha, Riiya and Shiine have to sacrifice the Magical Princess Medallion, the Bracelet and the Ring to close the gate to the Netherworld (Ironically accidentally opened by The Magical Princess herself!) Chacha is then offered a Magical Brooch (that could hold things short of a mountain), a Communications Compact (that she could use to talk with her mother) and The Crescent Aurora Bracelet (that she can use to form a Magic Boomerang which would bring things to help her out. On the third of every month, it's supposed to bring someone or something back but I have never seen this happen.) She chose all of them. Typical...

Most of the humour in the anime plays on her magic going awry. And that happens like 95% of the time! If you ask me, it's cute the way she messes up. As a student to Seravi and in Urara's School of Magic, she's not exactly the brightest. She is easily fooled by enemies. The only one dumber than her is Riiya.

Chacha studies in the Banana Section with Riiya, Shiine, Yakko and Suzu under the supervision of Teacher Rascal.

Seravi is a very responsible person and when he saw that Chacha was not advancing in her magic skills, he did a very unpredictable thing: he set up a magical tournament against her! And Chacha actually beat him to earn the title of "The World's Greatest Magician" (How she beat him was truly hilarious! But everyone knew that Seravi must have held back. He later regained his title with a snap of his fingers!) She later grew tired of this title but no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't lose! She even had 'staring' competitions where both contestants would make a funny face and the first one to laugh would lose! She kept winning.

She seems to have a certain obsession with Koalas. When she met Ranran and Kankan for the second time, she was turned into a koala. When she fought Seravi for a second time and tried to power up, a koala appeared over her head (Seravi had a dragon!! HA!! What humour!!)

One more thing. Seravi gave Chacha her trade mark red hood. And when Yakko found out...

Relations with

They think alike, especially when it comes to food, although Riiya tends to be more obsessive when it comes to eating. They have been together from the very beginning and she likes him "eventhough he is clumsy and gets into a lot of trouble." If you ask me, Chacha seems to like Riiya more than Shiine and in the first episode, Riiya even called Chacha 'his girl'. Being quite naiive and gullible, Riiya and Chacha tend to fall for most of the enemies tricks, despite Shiine's repeated warnings.
Shiine saw Chacha about mid-way through the first episode and immediately fell for her. He is smarter than Riiya and Chacha and can usually smell a trap while his companions are suckered in (usually when the enemies offer food) He really cares for Chacha and even fought his own father to protect her (That was probably the most epic part of the story if you ask me, even more so than when Chacha fought Daimarou.) and was prepared to die for her. (Well, that's what he said anyway.)
Seravi taught Chacha magic. She goes to him whenever she is in need of help. Chacha grew up under Seravi's supervision and is like a parent to her. She is more used to his simple style of living. After defeating Daimarou and rescuing her parents, she hated staying at the palace and asked if she could go back and live with Seravi.
Marin is a Mermaid Princess and sees herself as Riiya's future bride. She resents the fact that Riiya prefers Chacha. (Riiya doesn't like Marin at all and changes form whenever she comes.) Whenever she can't find Riiya, she will accuse Chacha of hiding him somewhere and often starts to abuse her. She sometimes abuses Riiya in his wolf form as well, thinking the 'dog' is Chacha's pet.
Self-proclaimed rival of Chacha. She likes Seravi (yes I am aware of the age difference but she just doesn't seem to care!) and resents the fact that Chacha is living with him. We often see her swooning over Seravi. All the other characters are used to this and just ignore her when she starts to day dream. Although she doesn't really like Chacha, she once protected her because if she got hurt, Seravi would pay more attention to Chacha! I've seen her working out on a Chacha punching bag. :)
Unlike the previous two, Suzu actually likes Chacha and says that Chacha is the nicest person she has ever met. (Ain't that nice?) This is despite the fact that Suzu likes Shiine who likes Chacha. (This story is one BIG love polygon!!)

What the rest of the cast say

She likes me more than Shiine!
In your dreams doggie!
Wish she would act more like a lady than like Dorothy.
I'll get you later Seravi.... Now if I had tutored her, she wouldn't mess up as much as she does.
What makes you think that I even care the slightest for her?
What Marin said.....
Oh you two are just mean. Chacha is the nicest person I've ever met.


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