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Don't laugh at the bird. It holds the power of the Phoenix.

Full name
Chacha named the bird Chiiky. I think he's called Piike in Japan (because he's 'pink' and says something like 'iky!')
Not specified. Go get someone from the World Wildlife Fund to verify this. Probably female since Chacha calls it a 'she'.
Small, round, fat, pink bird. Have you seen that Nintendo character (No, not Mario!! Kirby!!) Chiiky lookes like Kirby.

When searching for the Phoenix Sword, Chacha found this little bird that could not fly. The bird hung around Chacha and her friends and she named it Chiiky, probably after the sound it makes. Chiiky could not fly but Chacha believed it would be able to one day if it just believed. When Chacha was battling a really big and powerful rock monster, Chiiky came to their rescue by flying up the creature's nostril and making it sneeze!! ("You have to admit. She is imaginitive!!") Later, Chiiky tunred into the phoenix. Chacha had found the Phoenix Sword! Chiiky was gone however, until the episode where Chacha and her friends had to give up the Princess Medallion, the Amulet and the Ring. Chiiky cam back and crash landed in front of Chacha.

In future episodes, we see Chiiky flying, though low to the ground. She spends most of her time with the teachers than with Chacha, especially Madame Principal. Chiiky helped Teacher Rascal during the exams by indicating if the student had given a correct answer or a wrong one. This bird probably graduated from Oxford!

When Chiiky first appeared, it tagged along with Chacha. After Chacha gave up her Princess Medalliona and Chiiky came back, the pink bird spent more time around the teachers, especially Princial Urara.

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