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The Dark Master, Daimarou is the main enemy in the first 50 or so episode of the series. After his defeat, the story takes on a more humerous tone. If you ask me, some of the funniest episodes take place after Chacha beat him. But there is a 2 part story where Access is sent to find the King's Royal Seal and meets up with enemies who want the Royal Seal to open the gate to the Netherworld and revive Daimarou. The story eventually leads to Chacha, Riiya and Shiine givning up their Magical objects to close the gate.

Full name
? He is reffered to as Daimarou or The Dark Master. Either way, he's got a kinda scary name.
Who knows.
See above answer.
Well, he looks like a bad guy!
Yeah, right.
Is liked by
See above answer.
Probably everybody. He is the bad guy.

In the first episode, Daimarou wants to get rid of Seravi. But then he turns his attention on Chacha. Wanting to rule the land and spread evil, he has to get rid of the heir to the throne, namely Chacha. We don't see much of him in the early episodes. Just his hand. Then we see his big ugly self.

When Daimarou beseiged the castle, Chacha's grandfather entrusted Seravi with Baby Chacha. He told him to raise her and teach her the ways of magic. Meanwhile, Chacha's father ordered the Sacred Bird (also known as The King's Royal Seal) to fly away. The Sacred Bird could be turned into a harp and whoever played it, the land would reflect what was in their hearts. So if Daimarou played it, his dream of spreading evil would easily by accomplished.

Just as Seravi was leaving with Baby Chacha, Daimarou appeared. Chacha's grandfather held him off. Just as he was about to be defeated, Chacha's grandfather placed a field around the castle using his magic. The field would not allow Daimarou to leave the castle. At the same time, Daimarou turned Chacha's grandfather into a red crystal, which eventually took it's place in Chacha's Magical Princess Medallion.

Daimarou turned Chacha's parents into stone. They didn't age at all.

Since Daimarou could not leave the castle, he got Sorges to eliminate Chacha for him. He kept failing and eventually left. Izu and Yuda then entered the picture. They kept failing as well.

There's not much else to say about him. Chacha beat him as Princess Holy-Up. Bada bing, he's gone. End of his story. He never came up again but there was a 2 part story whereby a brother and sister team (Buckes and Sophia) wanted to revive him. They failed.

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