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I counted 2 Doris' in the series. One is Dorothy's relative and the other is a doll in Gupetto's house that gets jealous of Chacha and her Communications Compact, Crescent Aurora Bracelet and Magic Brooch. Dorothy's relative is a boy. Majority says so. Evidence points towards it. Disgusting as it may be, we might as well just accept it. Although I would like it if Ayahana Min, Chacha's creator, would explain just what the heck is going on!!

Doris (Dorothy's relative)

(Doris will now be considered as Dorothy's relative ! It's too digusting to call Doris Dorothy's brother!!)

Full name
Doris something
Male. (Ugh....) A male with a female name and female features. Man, this is a kid's cartoon!!
EEEEWWWWW..... I don't even want to talk about it!! Doris wears a wig tho'. A guy with a girls name and features. Nuff said.
Seravi. And since Doris is a guy, Seravi hates her...I mean him.

When Seravi, Dorothy and Doris were young, Seravi asked Dorothy to be his bride when they grew up. Doris thought this was unfair because he likes Seravi. Seravi doesn't feel the same way bout him though (understandably!!). When Dorothy ran away from home to study under Peekabon and eventually become "The World's Greatest Magician", Doris was trying to talk her out of it, until Dorothy said that Doris could have Seravi if she didn't return. Then he helped her out of the house!

Doris and Dorothy appear to come from a rich family.

He wears a wig.

When Riiya and Shiine neede money to buy Chacha a birthday present, they decided to take pictures of Seravi and sell them to Doris. When Riiya absent mindedly blurted out their intention to Seravi, he was none to happy! Then they decided to do the reverse; take pictures of Doris and sell them to Seravi, passing them off as picutres of Dorothy with her golden hair. It would have worked, if Doris hadn't signed his name on the picture!!

Ok. So now it's settled. Doris is of the masculine species. Here's all the evidence: Well first off, where Seravi was having his dream/nightmare about him, Dorothy and Doris, (you know, when he asked Dorothy to be his bride when they grew up??) Doris looks a lot like Teacher Bara Baraman, i.e. a boy!! Then, in the Chacha's birthday episode, we find out that Doris is wearing a wig. Seravi also only hits guys who hug him and that included Doris. Hmmmmm...... my friend said Doris was a guy.

Wait a minute!! When a baby is born, the parents name him/her right? So Dorothy's parents gave Dorothy's sibling a girl's name, eventhough she's a he? That just doesn't make sense....

Doris (The doll)

Full name
Do doll's have a last name?
A talking doll that can perform magic.

In Gupetto's house, all the dolls can talk on their own because he loves them and treats them right. When Chacha brought a messed up Elizabeth to him, Doris became jealous of Chacha's Communications Compact, Crescent Aurora Bracelet and Magic Brooch. She challenged Chacha to a magic contest and lost. She was a sore loser and hid in a cave she made appear.

The Characters

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