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Dorothy is probably the second greatest magician in the world, and ever since she was young has wanted to be the best. Until Seravi became "The World's Greatest Magician", they were friends. Seravi liked her because she had golden hair back then. Now that her hair is pink, he throws insults at her and pretends not to like her. She is also very protective of Shiine and cooperates with Seravi when he disguises himselve to help Chacha and her friends when they are in trouble. Chacha, Riiya and Shiine don't recognise them, although we can.

Full name
Dorothy?? The kids call her Teacher Dorothy and Miss Dorothy (except for Riiya who rudely calls her Dorothy.)
Dunno. Women don't like to reveal their ages.
She used to have golden hair that Seravi liked. Now she sports pink hair that Seravi hates and makes fun of. She wears a purple dress and a purple hat.
Seravi (eventho' she acts like she doesn't), Shiine (he does all the cooking and cleaning in her castle.)
Is liked by
Seravi (eventho' he acts like he doesn't), Shiine.
Acts like she hates Seravi. She hates Elizabeth because Seravi uses Elizabeth to insult her. She doen't like Shironeko, Dr. Mikeneko's sister because she likes Seravi. Seravi on the other hand will not say if he likes Shironeko or not. As for Yakko liking Seravi, we do see Dorothy getting angry when Yakko tries to get close to him (as seen in the 3rd entrance theme)

Dorothy comes from a rich family and has one sibling, Doris, who also likes Seravi (Seravi is turning out to be the 'Ranma' of this story, isn't he?) At a young age, she dreamt of becoming "The World's Greatest Magician" and she achieves that goal by dealing the final blow to Peekabon, the then "World's Greatest Magician". Then Seravi K.O.ed here with a huge bouqette of flowers (meant to display his affections towards her) and he became "The World's Greatest Magicain". Since Seravi liked Dorothy so much, he refused to fight her so that she could have a chance to regain the title. So in an attempt to make him hate her, she uses magic and changes her golden hair pink. Seravi was so mad he refused to even talk to her! You'd think that he'd be willing to fight her then.

Dorothy likes Seravi but does resent the fact that he succeeds in almost everything he does. She couldn't believe it when she heard Chacha beat him and took the title of "The World's Greatest Magician".

Years ago, Dorothy was approached by a knight who asked her to bring up his son Shiine and teach him magic. The knight was Access who was under the command of Daimarou. Daimarou had imprisoned Shiine's mother so Access had no choice but to carry out Daimarou's orders. However, before he was under Daiimarou, he worked for the king, Chacha's father, and he still retains his noble nature. He did not want Shiine to grow up under Daimarou's leadership so he brought him to Dorothy. Dorothy has been teaching Shiine magic, but Shiine is usually seen cleaning or cooking. Shiine lives with Dorothy as her student. When Shiine was young, Dorothy once locked him out for wetting his bed! Shiine does all the cooking and cleaning because, according to Seravi, "(Dorothy) can't cook, sew or do any househod work. She's useless!" (That's what Seravi said to Argyl, a monster in Daimarou's castle, when Argyl fell in love with Dorothy!)

Although she doesn't act it, she likes Seravi and they eventually tie the knot. She and Shiine had to temporarily move in with Seravi when he and Riiya grew too big and they wrecked her house (watch the episode if you wanna know more. It was the second last episode.)

She has a quick temper, especailly when Seravi insults her either directly of using Elizabeth. He usually makes cracks about her pink hair. Even when they were going to get married, Seravi put Dorothy's ring in a solution that would make whoever touch that ring sprout golden hair that Dorothy had when she was young. His plan messed up and the priest (Daimarou's former flunkie Sorges) picked it up instead ("It's really me!") She also gets jealous very easily whenever another girl starts to display affections towards Seravi, even Yakko!

Relations with

Need I say anymore? They like each other even though they act otherwise. End of story!
Entrusted to her by Access, Shiine's father. She's been bringing him up, teaching him magic and treating him like a servent by making him cook and clean. Contrary to what Seravi says, Dorothy can cook. Dorothy and Shiine have a mother-son relationship.
He makes insensitive cracks her way as well. When she cooked a delicious meal, he said "I always knew you were good for something Dorothy!" He is usually met with a smack. He doesn't even refer to her as Teacher Dorothy (like Shiine) or Miss Dorothy (like Chacha). He just calls her Dorothy. Kinda rude, huh?
Dorothy's sibling, probably her brother (ugh.) She helped Dorothy run away from home when Dorothy said that Doris could have Seravi if she didn't return.

What the rest of the cast say

"She's nice..... I guess. But she might as well join a destruction company seeing how she's destroyed Teacher Seravi's house so many times!"
"Now I believe that there is a little good in everybody. The trouble is that Dorothy won't get under a microscope so that I can find the little good in her."
POW! BAM! SMASH! (typical Shiine vs Riiya encounter. Please move on.)
"Say something nice about her? This'll be a short list...."
"Can she help me get a hold of Riiya?"
"You know Marin, you are really beginning to annoy me....."
"I wish you two would stop arguing. I'm beginning to get annoyed!"

Facts about Dorothy

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