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The next time you feel like you have out grown cartoons, remember this. Seravi is a full grown man who takes his doll Elizabeth every where he goes!

Full name
Elizabeth. Do dolls have a last name?
Do dolls have a sex?? She looks female and her voice (done by Seravi) sounds female.
Dolls don't age... do they?
Just watch out for Seravi. She's usually around him. He brings her just every where he goes.

Elizabeth was designed after young Dorothy. Seravi probably made her after Dorothy changed her hair to pink. And we all know that Seravi hated that. By throwing his voice, Seravi uses Elizabeth to throw insults at Dorothy. Dorothy hates that (understandably)

Seravi, and every one else for that matter, tends to think of Elizabeth as another person. In the first episode, when Dorothy captured both Seravi and Elizabeth, he told Chacha to save Elizabeth instead of him. (I think this guy is a tad nutz.)

Once Seravi had to leave Elizabeth in Chacha's care. Catastrophe struck and Chacha's attempts to fix Elizabeth just made it worse! They finally fixed her by bringing her to the doll maker, Mr. Gupetto. In his house, Elizabeth talked on her own. Chacha, Riiya and Shiine also made a whole lotta Elizabeth dolls just in case Mr. Gupetto could not fix Elizabeth. Even among a whole group on Elizabeth dolls, Seravi was able to pick the right one. How we know that he didn't pick up a doll made by Chacha or her friends? We don't. Dorothy said that he and Elizabeth had a special relationship. Like I said, the guy is a tad nutz.

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