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George is a big, green uh.... thing that lives in the sea with Marin. He has a sister named Shelly (I think that's her name. Am I right?) He appears a few times in the show.

Full name
Male. He calls Shelly his sister and she calls him her brother.
Look for a very big green thing. He's supposed to be a sea snake.

George first appeared in the third episode along with Marin and we immediately see that he likes Marin. Marin on the other hand has said that George is "not her type." Well, he is a big green thing and she is a mermaid. Anyway, George is really a nice guy and still likes Marin eventhough she insults him and gets mad at him. We see him protecting her and Chacha once.

He has a sister named (I think) Shelly. She is a bit, pink.... uh .... thing. Shelly doesn't like Marin because she is aware that although George likes Marin, Marin doesn't like George. She hates Marin for making George feel the way he does. But as Teacher Rascal told her, you can't force anyone to like someone else, let alone love them.

Both George and his sister appear in the final episode to help rebuild the church (after Yakko blew it up.)

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