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What do you name a character that looks like a wrestler, complete with body build, blonde moustache, blonde hair with a bandana on his head, probably covering a bald spot and who likes to flex his muscles. Why, Hogan of course. Chacha rips off a lot of different shows and stories. Mr. Hulk Hogan appears to have not been spared.

Full name:
I seriously doubt his full name is Terry 'Hulk' Hogan.
I suppose how ever old Hulk Hogan is.
If you've seen Hulk Hogan, then you've seen Hogan. But Hogan is seen always wearing sunglasses.

Hogan appeared when Chacha was looking for the Band Shield in a 2 part story. Hogan was only in the first part. Chacha and her friends sought the help of a skilled blacksmith to make the Band Shield. Hogan, working for Daimarou, told the blacksmith (who looks a lot like a girl) to give him the completed Band Shield instead of Chacha. He pretended to befriend Chacha but then turned the tables on her when he took the Band Shield and started to attack her. Turned out it wasn't the real Band Shield and Chacha beat him.

This episode was kinda funny. When Chacha and her friends first met Hogan, they imitated his flexing and posing!! Hogan is kinda tall and kept banging his head against the wall above doors he was trying to enter. And then when Chacha 'holy-up'ed, he fell in love with her!!

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