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Chacha meets this guy a few times. His name should give his vampire characteristics away (Kyuu-la as in Dracula. Get it??)

Full name
I suppose it's just Kyuu-la. Vamps don't have a last name do they?? His name is pronounced Q (say the letter) followed by -la.
How long do vamps live?
As pale as vampires. Wears the same black suit and cloak as vampires. Talks like vampires. How original...

Kyuu-la is a vain vampire. He puts make up and powder on to make sure he looks good. And if I am not mistaken, he only bites the necks of cute girls. He thinks he is the most handsome and most wonderful person in the world. So when Suzu, Marin and Yakko made his face swollen, he was kinda upset.

Kyuu-la has had psychiatric treatment to overcome the ordinary vampire fears of crosses and of garlic. He even touched a cross that Chacha made appear to prove his point. When Chacha tried to conjour up some garlic, she made an onion appear instead. She said "They have the same shape!!" Kyuu-la probably fears sunlight though. He has to wear a special 'no-sun' suit to keep it out. But it's kinda hard to walk in it though.

When he captured Chacha and Marin, he couldn't decide who was cuter. He would bite the cuter one first. After a quick "Eenie-Meenie-Miny-Moe" he chose Chacha. The formally uncounscious Marin got mad!!

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