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Marin is the mermaid princess who appears in the third episode. She likes Riiya and hates Chacha (because he spends time with Chacha instead of her) Whenever Marin tries to get in close to Riiya, Chacha doesn't like it.

Full name
Marin. (Pronounced as 'Marine' as in underwater. She is a Mermaid Princess you know.)
Probably a little older than Chacha.
Pink hair (lighter shade than Dorothy's), annoying Southern accent in the English version. She changes into her mermaid form upon contact with water (just like Ranma! And that movie Splash! Unlike the Splash! movie however, she seems to have more control over where and when she changes). She also has a magic wand without which she can preform no magic.
Is liked by
George the Sea Creature.
Riiya (in his canine form), Chacha, George the Sea Creature.

She likes Riiya and tries to get close to him. Neither Riiya nor Chacha like this. Chacha tends to hit her away while Riiya changes into his wolf form. When she can't find Riiya, she often blames Chacha for having something to do with it ("Where's my Riiya?" Man, that is so irritating!) She just can't figure out that Riiya is a wolf, even when her classmates point it out to her. As my friend put it, "How smart can a fish be?" Shiine on the other hand tries to get Riiya and Marin together so that he can have Chacha all to himself. She doesn't like Chacha much either since Riiya prefers Chacha and spends a lot of time with her. Most of the times, we see her teaming up with Yakko to throw insults at her.

Marin can only preform magic with a wand and all of her magic spells are related to the sea. What she yells is to irritating that I won't put it up here.

She is kinda cruel and rude. Just ask Riiya whenever she abuses him in his wolf form. She says unkind things about George the Sea Creature who likes her. But as Teacher Rascal pointed out, you can't force anyone to fall in love or force them to like someone.

Marin avoids fighting every chance she gets! If the situation is really dangerous, she'll make a hollow shell appear and climb in it for protection! Riiya threatened to drag her out once.

Marin can't be very bright. She just can't figure out that Riiya is a wolf. Whenever she sees a 'dog' in place of Riiya, she accuses Chacha of having something to do with and often beats up poor Riiya. Everyone drops hints and almost tells her that Riiya is the wolf but she just can't get it. She is in Section Apple under Teacher Bara Baraman but often goes to Section Banana to see Riiya. Before the second school year, she wrote the school a letter, requesting to be put in Section Banana so that she could be with Riiya. She even drew a picture of a banana on her letter. The drawing was so bad that everyone thought it was an apple so she spent another year with Teacher Bara Baraman.

She first saw Riiya when he lost his memory in the third episode. She convinced him that he was her prince. Seravi helped him regain his memory by giving him a few hits on the head (Kids. Don't try this at home!) The following episode, she enrolls in Urara's School of Magic.

Relations with:

I already said she hates her because Riiya likes Chacha. That's about it.
"Where's my Riiya? Where's my Riiya?" That's all she ever says........
George the Sea Creature
She doesn't like him and says some bad things about him. He still likes her anyway and would do anything for her. His sister, Shelly (I think that's her name but I doubt it) thinks Marin is the most cold-hearted person in the world.
They team up to put down Chacha. 'nuff said.

What the rest of the cast say

"Is she tries to get near Riiya again I'm gonna kick her from here to Australia!"
Riiya in wolf form "Riiya? No one here but us wolves..."
"She's so dense! Why can't she figure out that Riiya is a wolf?"
"No comment."
"Who? Oh that fish girl! Can't really say I know her."
"Someone oughta shove that tail of hers into her mouth! Maybe that'd stop her from talking!"
"C'mon Yakko, you can't really mean that can you? But it does sound tempting...."

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