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Name Change

Thanks to information from Chacha fans, the only name that appears to have been affected during the Japanese to English translation was the little ninja's name, from Orin in the Japanese version to Suzu in the English version. Anyone have a clue why the name was changed? In a few episodes (like the jelly fish episode) you can actually hear Chacha call her 'Orin'.

Interestingly, Riiya's name is pronounced as Lee-yah.

Theme Song

The entrance theme song has remained the same throughout the series. What changed was the pictures. I don't know why the first entrance sequence was changed but I can guess why the second entrance sequence was changed. The change occurred after the episode where Chacha, Riiya and Shiine had to give up their magic items (the Princess Medallion, the Bracelet and the Ring) hence no more Princess Holy-Up. Since the second entrance sequence showed Chacha as Princess Holy-Up, they had to change it!

How many of you noticed this.: the first ending cinema was slightly altered around episode 7 or 8. In the very first few episodes, when the ending cinema was played, the credits appeared on the top half of the screen while Chacha, Riiya and Shiine appeared on the bottom half. Then around episode 7 or 8, it was switched! Now Chacha, Riiya and Shiine appeared on the top half of the screen while the ending credits were on the bottom half. Dunno why it was changed. This is just a bit of useless trivia for you guys.

The ending theme has been changed at least three times. The second ending theme was changed because Chacha was shown wearing Princess Holy-Up's clothes.

The Creators

According to information given to me by Chacha fans, the company responsible for the anime is TV-Tokyo & NAS. Starchild (King Record) is responsible for the Chacha Laser Discs and CDs. The company responsible for the manga is "shuueisha". Akazukin Chacha was first published in a magazine called "Ribon" (owned by "shuueisha") and after the manga gained much popularity, the TV series anime was created. Check out Chung Hyun's page for the opening song and the opening movie!

Video Games

Released for the Super Famicom (Super NES) in Japan only, it was an RPG (Role Playing Game) in Japanese. There might be a Chacha game for Gameboy (I'm not sure about this) and for the PC (again, I'm not sure about this) but I am quite sure that there was at least one more Chacha game that was released for a system other than the Super Famicom. Check out Chung Hyun's Page. I also remember seeing a Chacha game that you could download last time.

IMPORTANT MESSEGE! I am aware that people are downloading the Akazukin Chacha game on-line and playing it through a process called EMULATION. I feel I should say that EMULATION is not perfectly legal. The idea of emulation is so that you can still enjoy your old video games (be it on the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive etc...) if your copy of the game should go bust on you. Because you have already paid for the game and the manufacturer has already got your money, it seems unfair that you can't play the game anymore. Since emulation is free, its purpose is to allow you to play your game again even if it's spoilt. It's NOT FOR FREELOADERS who have not purchased the game to enjoy all the hundreds of games that they'll probably never buy. If you have downloaded a game and an emulator, you are obligated by conscience to delete the game after 24 hours if you do not own an original copy of the game. Nothing will happen if you don't. Your PC shouldn't explode or anything. It's just not legal. Yeah, I'm sure a lot of you will laugh this off. But be warned that one website that provided SNES games (ROMS) was sent a letter from the Big-N Nintendo warning that site of legal action should they continue to provide free SNES ROMS.


I'm not sure but I think that the dolls for sale included Chacha, Shiine, Riiya (human), Riiya (wolf) and Seravi (which I heard was very hard to find)


Check out Chung Hyun's Page to find scanned pictures of some of the cards. I remember stumbling upon an Internet site that sold Chacha cards but I have forgotten where.

Laser Discs

I think 4 were released that included all of the episodes in Japanese. Maybe they'll release VCD's with the English version. I think that the 3 OVA's are also available but in Japanese. I wonder if the OVA's are going to be translated.

Music CD

Don't know what songs are on it. Anime music CDs are normally manufactured in Japan (REALLY expensive if you're living outside of the Land of the Rising Sun), Taiwan and Hong Kong. The un-official re-releases manufactured in Taiwan and HK are cheaper but sometimes they don't come with stuff that the Japanese release comes with. The re-releases are produced by companies such as Ever Anime and Son May.


They're in Japanese. The anime series was released after the comic (manga). Maybe they'll translate them into English like they are doing with the Ranma comics. According to Lassie, the Chinese translation of the manga can be purchased in Singapore. According to Shiine, a shop called Comic Alley sells the manga in Philippines. The Chinese translation has finished around the middle of 2000.

Episode Titles (Japanese)

  1. Osawagase mahou tsukai toujou
  2. Rival ha kurozukin
  3. Burikko ningyo Marin
  4. Hissatsu! Sanbiki no kobuta kougeki
  5. Kyuu-chan to date
  6. Akachan ha mahou ga oheta
  7. Samusa bakuhatsu! Sensei ha yukionna
  8. Watashi no cake ha ichiban zansu
  9. Hasshin! Nyandabar Z
  10. Kyuu-chan no gyakushuu
  11. Kettei? Sushi champion
  12. Orin-chan no hatsukoi
  13. Ganbare orusuban!
  14. Daimaou-sama ha oikari degesu
  15. Tanjou! Franken-chan
  16. Deta! Umibouzu no imouto
  17. Kaettekita nyandabar
  18. Zombie keihou! Urara Gakuen
  19. Kyoufu! Dorothy no imouto?
  20. Kaitou Nezumi-kid no chousen
  21. Kiken ga ippai rotenburo
  22. Bikkuri! Ikenie shotaiken
  23. Tatakae! Sotsugyou shiken
  24. Watashiga densetsuno oujo-sama?
  25. Naze naze! Arrow yabureru
  26. Dokedoke koino ojamamushi
  27. Kajiba no Chacha power
  28. Fushichou no numa tankentai
  29. Youkoso! Fushichou no satohe
  30. Korega uwasa no fushichou no ken
  31. Tokkun ga ippai!
  32. Kiken na koi no triangle
  33. Shiine-chan shukumei no taiketsu
  34. Saikai! Namida no komoriuta
  35. Shitsukoizo! Nyandabar
  36. Shinjitsu no kagami ha usotsukida!
  37. Hanasaka sensei Barabara-man
  38. Minna de animal!
  39. Ryuuguujou de kappamaki
  40. Nyanko house de choushoku wo
  41. Nebusoku majin daifunka!
  42. Densetsu no shield wo sagase!
  43. Kansei! Bird shield
  44. Kagayake! Urara Gakuen dousoukai
  45. Honmono ha dare nano!
  46. Susume! Magical ninja butai
  47. Atsuki yuujou no hashi wo watare!
  48. Tanuki gassen! Bunbuku chagama
  49. Yuke! Densetsu no seisenshi tachi
  50. Ai to yuuki to kibou no daikessen
  51. Princess no kyuujitsu
  52. Dassou! Dassou! Daishippai
  53. Sekai Ichi ni Nacchatta!
  54. Chousensha Zorozoro
  55. Wasurecha Dameyo Kokuou no Shirushi
  56. Sayonara Holy Up
  57. Sekai Ichi ni Mukatte Subero!
  58. Elizabeth SOS!
  59. Suggoku Chiisana Koimonogatari
  60. Suki Suki Yakko-chan!
  61. Young Seravi no Bouken
  62. Scoop! Pink no Himitsu
  63. Toge Toge Ninin Sankyaku
  64. Bikkuri! Riiya Mama?
  65. Natsukashii zo Nyandabar
  66. Butouha Sensei Maya-chan
  67. Kyoufu! 12 Hi no Kin'youbi
  68. Umibouko! Hatsukoi Dai Battle
  69. Hisshou! Dance Party
  70. Yakko-chan no Hatsukoi Dangi
  71. Futatabi! Tono no Ona-ri-
  72. Shiine-chan Saidai no Shippai
  73. Dorothy Jou no Nazo
  74. Osawagase! Kekkon Sengen?

In the translation from Japanese sub titles to English sub titles, a few of the sub titles were totally off! Episode #65 for example, was a recap episode starring the Mikenekos. The title in English was "The Magical Adventures of Dorothy and Seravi."

Crescent Aurora Bracelet

Right. In episode 56, our old friend Princess Holy-Up was fired. No more Princess Melon... er I mean Medallion. Chacha was given a Brooch, a Communications Compact and the Crescent Aurora Bracelet that helps her out by bringing things to her when she is in trouble. This page lists those items. The Bracelet is also supposed to bring something or someone back on the third of every month but I can't recall this ever happening

Natrisha helped a lot in the making of this list. Actually, she gave me the whole thing! I double checked it and added the Situation part. She also provided the English titles of the episode.

Episode #57: Trying out New Magic

Situation: Chacha and her friends were in an ice skating competition. Yakko detonated an explosive that cracked the ice and sent them into the waters beolw.

Item: A 'gift wrapped' chest containing a punch glove As soon as Chacha, Riiya and Shiine undid the ribbon that was around the chest, the chest opened and a huge punch glove came out, decking all of them. The force of the punch sent them back to the surface of the ice so that they could finish the race. It also gave Yakko a bit of a shock.

Episode #58 : Elizabeth S.O.S.

Situation: Chacha messed up Elizabeth so she had to bring her to Mr. Gupetto's doll workshop to have her fixed. There, she met a doll named Doris who was jealous of Chacha's Magical Items. A little rivalry ensued until Doris made a cave appear. She went inside and sealed the entrance.

Item: Grass skirt: for Chacha and drums: for Shiine Riiya found another grass skirt somewhere. While Shiine banged played the drums, Riiya and Chacha danced. The noise outside made Doris curious and she came out.

Episode #59: ?

Situation: Myron: I think that's her name, a mosquito sized magician, challenges Chacha for her title of "World's Greatest Magician". Myron feels that she has something to prove because people underestimated her when they saw how small she was. Myron stung Chacha's classmates and in the midst of the fight, Chacha used her Crescent Auroroa Bracelet and it brought her....

Item: tongs The tongs were used to defend herself against Myron's attacks and also to pull out the sting in her friends

Episode #60: Love and Magic conquers all

Situation: Chacha was helping Kyle beat Seravi for the title of "World's Greatest Magician": that Seravi had earlier won from Chacha They were kinda desparate: I mean, Seravi is powerful and all so Chacha used her bracelet.

Item: A picnic set This was probably one of the most unexpected item the Bracelet has ever brought Chacha! The plates in the picnic set were made of ceramics that protected Chacha from Seravi's fire and lightning attacks.

Episode #61: The Magical Adventures of Seravi and Dorothy Part 1

Situation: Chacha, Riiya and Shiine had travelled back in time with Seravi's time mirror. They didn't know what to do so Chacha used her bracelet, hoping it would bring Seravi.

Item: a noisy, chattering, toy doll Well, it worked. The noise attracted Seravi: the younger version and he came to see what was the matter.

Episode #62: The Magical Adventures of Seravi and Dorothy Part 2

Situation: Peekabon was defeated, Seravi had left in a huff and Dorothy was chasing him trying to get him to give her a chance to win back the title of "World's Greatest Magician". The kids were left on their own in the past. Items: A Time Slipper Using the time slipper, Chacha and her friends were able to return to their own time.

Episode #63 : Magical 3-legged race

Situation: Chacha and Teacher Bara Baraman were partners in a three-legged-race. They were really far behind so Chacha used the Bracelet to help them out.

Item: A bull The bull was attracted to Chacha's Red Hood: actually, bulls are colour blind and they are actually attracted to the waving cloth in those bull fights The bull chased them to the first position.

Episode #64: Magic at New New River

Situation: The New-New monster, that had earlier adopted Riiya as her child, was in danger of falling into lava.

Item: a fan The fan somehow blew the New-New monster up and away from the lava.

Episode #65: The Magical Adventure of Dorothy and Seravi

The title of this episode was obviously a mistake. They didn't use the bracelet in this episode because, if I am not mistaken, it was a recap episode.

Episode #66: A Test without Magic

Situation: It's exam day in Urara's School of Magic. At the end of the day, only Riiya had yet to pass. Chacha used her bracelet while Shiine hoped it would bring back a brain for Riiya.

Item: When my cousin first saw Chacha use the Bracelet and bring back something, she said that in other cartoons, the Boomerang would turn around and chase the thrower. That's what happened this time! After chasing Chacha and Shiine across the school, it finally hit Riiya on the head and he blurted out the correct answer.

Episode #67 : Terror at Magic Camp

Chacha lost the bracelet. Jason later returned it to her.

Episode #68: Magic under the sea

Situation: They forgot where Marin's coronation was going to be held.

Item: A table and five chairs. They all just sat down until Shiine remembered that he brought a crystal ball.

Episode #69: The Seal of Itsen

Situation: Riiya was trapped in the sick bay at school with a nurse. The nurse was kinda nutz. She was a ghost from a forest that likes to dresss up as doctors and nurses to help people recover from their illnesses. Unfortunately, they tend to make things worse.

Item: Bottle of black ink and a pen The door to the sick bay was sealed with magic. Using the ink, Teacher Rascal wrote some Japanese words on Oscar who then rammed into the door. Why didn't they try shouting "Open Seseme"?

Episode #70 : Yakko's first Magicial love

Situation: While Yakko was trying to get a herb on a steep mountain slope, a bear was chasing after Chacha, Riiya and Shiine.

Item: A mattress Chacha actaully tried sleeping in it, hoping it would deter the bear! Obviously it didn't. The bear grabbed the mattress and caught Yakko who had slipped of the face of the mountain.

Episode #71: Once more for Seravi and Dorothy's Magical Love

Situation: Peekabon is back. Seravi apparently gave Chacha the title of "World's Greatest Magician" and so Peekabon had to fight Chacha for the title.

Item: A huge bouquet of flowers with a butterfly in it The butterfly irritated Peekabon but he couldn't hit it because it was so small.

Episode #72 : Greatest Magical Birthday

Situation: Riiya and Shiine have been avoiding Chacha all day to make enough money to buy her a birthday present. Chacha was upset so she used the Bracelet

Item: Nothing. This was the first time this happened.

Episode #73: A Smaller Magic for Seravi

Situation: While trying to find Riiya and Seravi who had shrunk to microscopic size, Chacha and Shiine found themselves in the ventilation of Dorothy's castle. Dorothy was stuck in the vent after trying to pursue Seravi and Riiya.

Item: Soapy water Well, the soapy water managed to free Dorothy.

Episode #74: A Truly Magical Event

Situation: Dorothy uncovered Seravi's plan to turn her hair gold again. She didn't appreciate that Seravi still didn't accept her the way she was.

Item: a toy rat I thought that the Bracelet was supposed to make the situation better. Since Chacha hates rats (even toy ones), she chucked it across the room. After hitting and rebounding off some people, Yakko lost the control to detonate the bombs. Chiiky accidentally stepped on the button and all the dynamite began exploding. As my cousin put it, "nothing today is original. Everything is a rip-off of something else." Of course, I am not saying that Chacha did rip-off something or another from other shows. This is just a list I made for fun. It's for a laugh. Chacha seems to be really fond of borrowing stuff from the Ranma 1/2 anime...


Little Red Riding Hood

Chacha (as if you didn't know!) If I am not mistaken, they even acted out Little Red Riding Hood in the 3rd entrance theme.

Friday the 13th

There was an episode where they went to a camp site . The 'enemy' was a masked, axe weilding maniac that kept shouting Jason! (Actually, he was a nice guy who collected masks and axes and wanted to return Chacha's Crescent Aurora Bracelet that she had lost.) In the Japanese version, the episode was entitled something like "Friday the 12th." In the English version, it was entitled something like "Horror at the Magical Camp."

Hulk Hogan

Hogan. An enemy working for Daimarou.

Splash! (The movie)

Marin. She turns into a mermaid on contact with water and 'grows' legs out of water. I've only seen one occasion when she come into contact with water and DID NOT change into her mermaid form. That was the episode where Kyuu-la came back for the second time.


Just watch the episode where Peekabon returns to reclaim his title!

The Three Little Pigs

When everyone in the school fights against each other, Chacha made three pigs appear. The first attacked with straw, the second with wood and the third with bricks.

Sailor Moon

Can't believe I forgot this one. I mean, my cousin thought I was watching Sailor Moon when she saw Chacha for the first time. And with what Princess Holy-Up wears, she might as well be Sailor Princess or something...

Ranma ½

This story is extremely similar to Ranma ½ but they don't share the same artist. All the 'coincidences' between Ranma and Akazukin Chacha apparently are just coincidences. Chung Hyun has told me the names of the artists of both Ranma and Chacha. Ranma ½ was drawn by Rumiko Takahashi and Chacha was drawn by Ayahana Min.

Ranma ½ influence is really all over the Chacha anime. Perhpas it's cos Ranma is really big in Japan. But here are some of the Ranma influences that I've seen:


This entire website, in all its incarnations, always depended on the kindness and contributions of its audience. Some of those who helped are:

Apologies if I forgot to include your name. Thank you, one and all.