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Peekabon was "The World's Greatest Magician" when Seravi and Dorothy were kids. Not the nicest guy in the world.

Full name
If his last name is as silly as his first, then he probably won't tell anyone.
Old enough to be bald on top.
He wears a brown wig.

Young Dorothy went to study under Peekabon. Seravi didn't like that cos every one who studied under him ever came back. Seravi fought with Peekabon when he discovered he could perform Ancient Magic, but Dorothy dealt the final blow and she became "The World's Greatest Magician". When Dereby gave her a huge bouqette of flowers to show her how much he cared for her, it was too big and heavy and it K.O.ed Dorothy!! Hence Seravi was now "The World's Greatest Magician" and refused to fight Dorothy cause he liked her too much. This led to Dorothy changing her hair to pink.

Peekabon came back in one of the later episodes. He delivered a soda with a potion mixed in it to Seravi's house. Whoever drank the soda would lose all their magic powers. Peekabon wanted Seravi to drink it so that he could regain his title but Dorothy drank it instead. Seeing Seravi still had his powers, he chickened out. But Chacha and her friends pursued him and had to fight him in order to get the antidote to give Dorothy her powers back.

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