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Magical Princess Holy Up

The Magical Princess Holy-Up (I like to refer to her as Chacha's altered ego) was the heroine that Chacha could turn into in the first 50 or so episodes of the show. In the very first episode, we see Seravi giving Chacha a chest with three mystical objects: The Princess Medallion (worn by Chacha around her neck), The Braclet (later worn by Riiya on his right wrist) and The Ring (later worn by Shiine on his right hand) The reason why Seravi gave his pupil these objects is that Chacha was going to start school soon and would spend a lot more time away from him. Seravi knew how important Chacha was to the land and how much Daimarou wanted her dead. As a means of defending herself, Seravi told Chacha that she would meet two friends who would always be true to her (Riiya and Shiine) and that by combining the powers of Love (Chacha), Courage (Riiya) and Hope (Shiine), Chacha could change into the Magcial Princess Holy-Up. As the Magcial Princess, Chacha would be able to shoot the Magical Celine Arrow (sometimes referred to as the Beauty Celine Arrow) and defeat powerful enemies.

The Magical Princess' Weapons

The Phoenix Sword

The Magical Celine Arrow defeated a slew of enemies.....until Access showed up.

Access (later discovered to be Shiine's father) was under the command of Daimarou who had captured Shiine's mother and held her captive. His orders were to find and eliminate Chacha. In his first appearance, we see Access simply catching and dissolving the Magical Celine Arrow. Naturally, Chacha was surprised. Seravi told her to find the legendry Phoenix Sword but its location was unknown even to Seravi. Chacha searched and eventually found the Phoenix (which was in the form of a fat, pink bird that Chacha named Chiiky)

Upon discovering that Chiiky held the power of the Phoenix, Chacha could call upon the Phoenix by shooting the Magical Celine Arrow into the sky. The Phoenix would come and change into a short, pink (but powerful!) sword at Chacha's hand. The Phoenix Sword could be used as a normal sword or used to deliver a powerful blast to the enemy. Chacha however had never used a sword before so she sought help from Suzu, her ninja friend. It was Suzu's grandfather who trained Chacha how to use a sword. Access came around to carry out his orders, despite discovering that his son Shiine was Chacha's friend. Chacha beat him with a phoenix sword blast.

The Band Shield

The Magical Celine Arrow and Phoenix Sword in hand, Chacha sets off to find Daimoarou's castle and rescue her parents. However, in the desert, she comes across, a big volcano named Argyl who proved too powerful for her. Seravi saved her but he blamed himself for not taking care of Chacha like he was supposed to. So in the following episode, he tells Chacha and company about the third Weapon of Magic ("Fried Rice!" yells Riiya) No, it was the legendry Band Shield.

So off goes Chacha to find a blacksmith who could mold the Band Shield. They found him (I don't think he has a name. They just called him 'blacksmith') and begged him to mold them a Band Shield. He hesitated because he was afraid. Hogan, a spy working for Daimarou, told the blacksmith to make the Band Shield but instead of giving it to Chacha, he told the blacksmith to give it to him. Hogan then befriended Chacha but turned on her when the blacksmith had completed what Hogan thought was the Band Shield. Hogan grabbed it and Chacha Holy-Up'ed to get it back. Well, after a brief interlude where we see Hogan falling in love with the Magcial Princess, they start to fight. Chacha believed it was the real Band Shield and began losing, until the blacksmith told her it was a phoney. OK, so Cha Cha beats Hogan (who probably goes off to find another line of work in wrestling or acting) But where is the real Band Shield? The blacksmith said they needed to find some special materials before he could mold the real thing. See what happens when you buy things that aren't original?

In the second part of the story, Chacha, Riiya, Shiine and the blacksmith go off to search for the something that they needed to make the Band Shield (I think it was Sands of the Angels of Love or something. I've forgotten) Along the way, they meet a traveller named Geraldo who plays a trumpet. He was returning to his home town when he found it in shambles because of another of Daimoarou's underlings (Can't remember his name) who also turned his childhood sweetheart, Bonita, into stone. Seeing his home town had nothing more to offer him, he played his trumpet one last time before offering it to Chacha, saying it was made from Sands of the Angels of Love (or something like that) So the trumpet was made of the same material needed to make the Band Shield. No problem! They simply melted it down and let the blacksmith do his thing. Now we see the real Band Shield in it's winged, pink glory. As The Magical Princess Holy-Up, Chacha wore the Band Shield on her left wrist and commands it to 'Build Up' to protect her against enemy attacks. Didn't work with Daimarou though.


We only see Chacha use these once. They apparently came with the Band Shield though I didn't see her actually getting them. Did I miss something? Anyway, the Earrings help Chacha sense danger when she cannot see it.

The Final Show

Maybe the producers of the show were feeling bored but they decided to do away with our Magical Princess. After rescuing her parents, Chacha Holy-Up'ed a few more times in a few more episodes. Then they introduced the last major enemies of the anime, Sophia and her brother Buckes.

This was a two parter. The first part of the story, we see that Access had to run an errand for the king, Chacha's father. When Daimarou first beseiged the castle when Chacha was a mere babe, he had commanded the Sacred Bird (aka the King's Royal Seal) to fly far away so that Daimarou would not be able to play it. The King's Royal Seal was actually a harp that would radiate the heart of the person that was playing it. If a person with a good heart played it, peace would reign. If an evil person played it, destruction would ensue. Access accepted this task as a chance to redeem himself for working for Daimarou. Sopiah and Buckes found the Sacred Bird before Access but they did not know how it worked. After defeating Access, they tried to force him to reveal the secrets of the Sacred Bird. Access refused so they tortured the poor guy. Shiine, sensing his father was in danger, quickly came to his aid with Chacha and Riiya. OK, you know how the story goes. Chacha Holy-Up's and beat the bad guy, right? Almost. She only managed to beat Buckes. Thinking that the danger had passed, Access revealed the secret of the Sacred Bird to Chacha, Riiya and Shiine. The bird could be used to open the gate to the Netherworld. Sophia overheard them, grabbed the Sacred Bird and flew off with it, intending to revive our old pal Daimarou (did I just use the word 'pal' with Daimarou?)

So ends part one.

We all get a clue about the outcome of the following episode when we hear Chacha tearfully saying 'Goodbye Magical Princess' at the title screen, without her usual laughter.

In the second part, we see Chacha, Riiya and Shiine going after Sophia. Access was injured in the last episode so he didn't tag along. Unfortunately for Sophia, she had no idea where the gate to the Netherworld was so she enlisted the help of former Dimarou flunkies Sorges, Izu and Yuda all of whom did the searching while Sophia lay in the shade. But she had to get off her butt and do some work when her three slaves ran off on seeing Chacha and her friends. Chacha Holy-Up'ed and fought Sophia. In the fight, the gate to the Netherworld is accidentally found and opened (by Chacha!) All sorts of ugly stuff comes out. Chacha defeats Sophia and by now, Teacher Seravi and Dorothy have arrived. What did Seravi say? Chacha, Riiya and Shiine had to give up their mystical items to close the gate. The trio were distressed by such news, worried about what would happen if they came across another enemy like Daimarou. Riiya tried to use a huge boulder to cover the gate up but it didn't work. Chacha made a nice little speech about if they kept Love, Courage and Hope within them, they'd be able to defeat all enemies. So Chacha said a solemn 'Good bye Magical Princess. We can do it on our own now.' and they tearfully gave up their items. With flashes of light, the gate is sealed.

And that was the last appearance of The Magical Princess.

On a brighter note, Chacha is offered three things in replacement of her Princess Medallion: A magic Brooch that can hold anything, a Communications Compact that she could use to keep in touch with her family where ever she was and the Crescent Aurora Bracelet which forms a Magic Boomerang that brings her things when she is in trouble. She couldn't decide so she was given all of them.

After the final apperance of Princess Holy-Up, the story becomes less serious and more humerous. No major enemy stepped up to take the place of Daimarou. The show just goes on for a while longer until the series ends with Seravi's and Dorothy's wedding.

The Characters

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