# Akazukin Chacha Quiz 1
# Questions and Answers.
# The Akazukin Chacha Archive (ACC Archive).

1. Everyone knows that Chacha's hood is red in colour. What is the colour of her blouse that she usually wears under her hood?
ANSWER: Chacha's blouse is pink in colour.

2. What is the colour of Yakko's dress under her black hood?
ANSWER: I should have thought more carefully before asking this question. I don't know the official name for the colour of Yakko's dress but it's sorta blue/green.

3. In the episode where Chacha and her friends entered Daimarou's castle, what was the name of the potion Yakko used against Kyuu-la?
ANSWER: Yakko used 2 of her potions against Kyuu-la. I should have stated that. They were EX and Z.

4. Marin has beads in her hair as a hair band. What colour are they?
ANSWER: Marin's beads in her hair are light blue in colour. I'm not sure of the official name for that shade of blue so I suppose any shade of liight blue is alright. Not navy blue though.

5. True of False? Shiine and Riiya once dressed up as clown brothers.
ANSWER: TRUE. Riiya and Shiine dressed up as clown brothers to cheer up Chacha.

6. When the students of Urara's School of Magic were given an exam, Chiiky helped Teacher Rascal by raising one of 2 signs in response to the student's answer. What was on the sign that would be raised if the student answered correctly?
ANSWER: Chiiky raised a sign with a circle on it (o) in response to a correct answer.

7. Ture of False? When Seravi shrunk, he easily reverted back to his normal size since he was "The World's Greatest Magician".
ANSWER: FALSE. Seravi's powers apparently shrank with him.

8. In her first Magic Tournament against Seravi, what did Chacha first make appear?
ANSWER: Chacha used Turtles to attack Seravi.

9. True of False? As the Magical Princess Holy-Up, Chacha once had to fight an imitation Seravi.
ANSWER: FALSE. She did have to fight an imitation of herself though.

10. When Ranran and Kankan appeared for the second time and turned Chacha and her friends into animals, what animal was Shiine?
ANSWER: Shiine said that he was a prarie dog.