# Akazukin Chacha Quiz 2
# Questions and Answers.
# The Akazukin Chacha Archive (ACC Archive).

1. Who was the second enemy that fought Chacha and her friends in the anime ?(Notice I said ENEMY, meaning that characters that are normally good but attack Chacha under the control of the bad guys are OUT)
ANSWER: Kyuu-la.

2. Seravi disguises himself when he helps Chacha. What was his first disguise, who was/were with him, what was his last disguise in the series and who was/were with him?
ANSWER: First: A Father turtle. Dorothy and Elizabeth were with him. Last: He dressed up as a seal to pose for Riiya and Shiine. Only Elizabeth was with him.

3. Name any two characters in the show, aside from Riiya, whose sibling(s) also appear in the series.
ANSWER: Dr. Mikeneko, Dorothy, Ranran & Kankan.

4. What sentence made up of 4 words does Kyuu-la hate to hear?
ANSWER: You are not cute.

5. Chacha, Riiya, and Shiine's song (you know the one that starts off with "Training hard all day and night....") has a line in it that was used in another classic story. What is the line and what is the story?
ANSWER: The line was: "One for all and all for one". Knowing this, you probably know that it was used in the "Three Musketeers" classic.

6. When was the first time that Riiya and Shiine teamed up to save Chacha?
ANSWER: I should have thought about this one and phrased it differently. The first time could have been in the first episode when Chacha needed to Holy-Up. It could also have been in the second episode when Teacher Rascal was attacking Chacha and Riiya & Shiine chased after her so that she could Holy-Up. But Holy-Up aside, I was actually aiming for the episode where Kyuu-la first appeared. Anyway, this is one of those questions that should have been phrased differently. Sorry.

7. In the Ice Skating Tournament episode, Yakko was in front of the finish line but instead of crossing it decided to take a break and have a drink. When Chacha and her friends suddenly crashed from beneath the ice, she decided to get going but something was stopping her. What was it?
ANSWER: Marin's penguins were holding on to her. Probably thought Yakko was their mother since she wear a black hood.

8. (This question was a good one that was sent to me by Natrisha) We often see Yakko swooning over Seravi. Name one of the early episodes, before episode 15, where we see Yakko but she doesn't even mention Seravi's name!
ANSWER: Check out the episode where Marin enrolled in the school for the first time.

9. Who is the very first character that we see in the very first episode (not including the entrance theme)?
ANSWER: Chacha (duh!)

10. True or False: All of the following objects have been shown in at least one of the episodes; Television, Puching Gloves, Ball, Mechanical Seal, Underground digger, Game Boy, Microphone.