# Akazukin Chacha Quiz 3
# Questions and Answers.
# The Akazukin Chacha Archive (ACC Archive).

1. What colour are Riiya's eyes?
ANSWER: Riiya's eyes are blue.

2. In which episode do we first discover Riiya's passion for food?
ANSWER: Uh...well, you know how I said that some of the questions were a trifle difficult? I put in this question without thinking. I'm not sure myself but I'll try to find out!

3. Shiine made a dumb suggestion in the first episode. What was it?
ANSWER: Dorothy captured Seravi right? Shiine said "Let's ask Teacher Dorothy to help us (rescue Seravi)"

4. How many arrows did Chacha (as the Magical Princess) shoot at Access when she first saw him?

5. What did Izu and Yuda do to appease Argyl (the human volcano)
ANSWER: Gave him a bottle of milk.

6. How many of the enemies have fallen in love with any of the good guys (not counting Kyuu-la)?
ANSWER: I counted 3. Argyl fell in love with Dorothy and Hogan fell in love with The Magical Princess. Shironeko fell in love with Seravi. I'm not sure about one of the enemies 'falling in love' with Chacha's father though.

7. True or False: Marin has said that Chacha is cuter than her.

8. When trying to recall the recipe to bake a cake, Chacha tried to remember the time Seravi baked her and Riiya a cake. What flavour was the cake the Seravi made?
ANSWER: Strawberry cake.

9. How many big frogs have attacked Chacha? (not counting the underwater city of frog people)
ANSWER: I counted 2: Once Suzu attacked Chacha with a big frog. And in one of the episodes where Chacha was looking for the Phoenix Sword.

10. Who was the last of Dr. Mikeneko's brothers to appear?
ANSWER: Buchineko. He's the plump one that holds a microphone.

11.: Which of the Warriors of Love, Courage and Hope HAVE NOT attacked Chacha, excluding Seravi?
ANSWER: Actually, they all have! Yes, including Riiya, Shiine and Seravi (I just added the 'excluding Seravi' part to confuse you guys. heh heh) Let's take it one at a time shall we? Dorothy - Check the first episode. Marin and Yakko - They've abused Chacha a lot. Shiine and Riiya - Check out the episode where they mess up Elizabeth. The doll Doris makes Riiya and Shiine attack Chacha. Also, Shiine was once under the spell of Yuda. Suzu - The episode where we are first introduced to Suzu. Seravi - Fought for the title of "The World's Greatest Magician". Some smart alecs answered that Chacha hadn't fought Chacha. I give you guys a credit point for originality.