# Akazukin Chacha Quiz 4
# Questions and Answers.
# The Akazukin Chacha Archive (ACC Archive).
# I must apologize for not phrasing some of the questions properly. They were ambiguous and some of you translated them wrongly. I'll try to avoid this problem in the future.

1. Let's say that you have NEVER seen any of the episodes but you heard about Chacha through the internet. Let's say that you also only know Chacha, Riiya and Shiine (that means you know what they are like, what they look like etc..) and everyone else is a stranger to you. One day you decide to watch the anime right from the beginning of the first episode to the end of the last episode. Which is the first character that would be new to you?
ANSWER: Marin. Check the order of appearance in the first entrance theme.

2. What do we see Shiine wearing in the first episode that we don't every see him wear again?
ANSWER: A hat picked out by Dorothy.

3. When the characters are worried, drops of sweat materialise on their heads. In the first entrance theme, how many drops of sweat appear on Chacha's head by the end of the third time?

4. How many times have Chacha and gang been promoted in school throughout the entire anime?
ANSWER: Twice.

5. When the heroes entered Daimarou's castle, they were separated into three groups and each group encountered an enemy. Which of these three enemies have we seen the most of?
ANSWER: Kyuu-la.

6. In one episode, Riiya's grandfather appeared on his school grounds and ate their lunch. But who was the only character at the end of the episode who was not hungry?
ANSWER: Riiya. This question should have been rephrased.

7. We see an enemy who asks Seravi to teach him to make sushis. What mask did he wear before Seravi agreed to teach him?
ANSWER: A mask of Seravi.

8. How many times do we see the Sushi maker in the entire anime?
ANSWER: 3. One where he attacks Chacha, once during the Chacha b'day episode (he sold Shiine a lotta stuff) and once in the final episode.

9. Who is the worse shot in the anime?
ANSWER: Riiya. This question should have been rephrased.

10. What is the one thing that attracts Riiya's attention other than food and Chacha?
ANSWER: A ball. However I also accepted Marin since most people interrpretted it that way.