# Akazukin Chacha Quiz 5
# Questions and Answers.
# The Akazukin Chacha Archive (ACC Archive).

1. OK. Now you have seen all of the episodes from the beginning of the first episode to the end of the last episode. Which character would you see last besides Chacha, Riiya and Shiine? (You should be able to get this. Remember question #1 from Quiz 4?)
ANSWER: Chiiky.

2. Who has run around in his/her underwear?
ANSWER: Shiine

3. Which of the characters is usually seen favouring American fastfood over Japanese food?
ANSWER: Shiine

4. In the episode that introduced Mookin the Slime Monster, what food was Riiya distracted by?
ANSWER: Beef Curry

5. Who destroyed the bridge built by Anton and Garuk linking the royal land to the outskirts of the magical land?

6. Which character is insulted the most?
ANSWER: I think I gave everyone this question cos it wasn't specific enough. I was thinking of Dorothy but later accepted Riiya as well.

7. Yellow, blue, brown and green. What is of these colours in the anime?
ANSWER: Alright, I suppose I should have rephrased this question as well. What I was trying to get at was that all the characters in the anime have ONE THING IN COMMON, but the colour is different for each character. I was referring to the COLOUR OF HAIR. Chacha's is YELLOW, Riiya's is BLUE, Shiine's is BROWN and Seravi's is GREEN.

8. Which character has a fax?
ANSWER: Kyuu-la. Check out the episode where they first introduce Kyuu-la. How did Daimarou send Chacha's picture to him? By fax. Hhhhmmmm, can you imagine Batman suing him for copyrighting the "Batfax"?!

9. George uses a sort of laddle to fight. What does his sister use?
ANSWER: Her hair

10. Here's a silly question. If Shiine liked the Spice Girls, where would he be wearing his ring?
ANSWER: Tounge/Navel/Nose