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These are the quizzes that I held way back when. No more new quizzes are being made. A HUGE thank you for everyone who sent in their answers and made it a success. So much so that I think other Chacha sites held their own quiz! Anyway, the five quizes that I managed to hold spanned about 7 months. I only regret not having been able to hold more quizzes and not saving the names of the individuals who scored very well in the first 3 quizes.

The Akazukin Chacha quizes here were based on the English version of the anime. There may be some discrepencies with the anime translated into other languages.

Quiz #1

  1. Everyone knows that Chacha's hood is red in colour. What is the colour of her blouse that she usually wears under her hood?
  2. What is the colour of Yakko's dress under her black hood?
  3. In the episode where Chacha and her friends entered Daimarou's castle, what was the name of the potion Yakko used against Kyuu-la?
  4. Marin has beads in her hair as a hair band. What colour are they?
  5. True of False? Shiine and Riiya once dressed up as clown brothers.
  6. When the students of Urara's School of Magic were given an exam, Chiiky helped Teacher Rascal by raising one of 2 signs in response to the student's answer. What was on the sign that would be raised if the student answered correctly?
  7. Ture of False? When Seravi shrunk, he easily reverted back to his normal size since he was "The World's Greatest Magician"
  8. In her first Magic Tournament against Seravi, what did Chacha first make appear?
  9. True of False? As the Magical Princess Holy-Up, Chacha once had to fight an imitation Seravi.
  10. When Ranran and Kankan appeared for the second time and turned Chacha and her friends into animals, what animal was Shiine?

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Quiz #2

  1. Who was the second enemy that fought Chacha and her friends in the anime ?(Notice I said ENEMY, meaning that characters that are normally good but attack Chacha under the control of the bad guys are OUT)
  2. Seravi disguises himself when he helps Chacha. What was his first disguise, who was/were with him, what was his last disguise in the series and who was/were with him?
  3. Name any two characters in the show, aside from Riiya, whose sibling(s) also appear in the series.
  4. What sentence made up of 4 words does Kyuu-la hate to hear?
  5. Chacha, Riiya, and Shiine's song (you know the one that starts off with "Training hard all day and night....") has a line in it that was used in another classic story. What is the line and what is the story?
  6. When was the first time that Riiya and Shiine teamed up to save Chacha?
  7. In the Ice Skating Tournament episode, Yakko was in front of the finish line but instead of crossing it decided to take a break and have a drink. When Chacha and her friends suddenly crashed from beneath the ice, she decided to get going but something was stopping her. What was it?
  8. (This question was a good one that was sent to me by Natrisha) We often see Yakko swooning over Seravi. Name one of the early episodes, before episode 15, where we see Yakko but she doesn't even mention Seravi's name!
  9. Who is the very first character that we see in the very first episode (not including the entrance theme)?
  10. True or False: All of the following objects have been shown in at least one of the episodes; Television, Puching Gloves, Ball, Mechanical Seal, Underground digger, Game Boy, Microphone.

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Quiz #3

  1. What colour are Riiya's eyes?
  2. In which episode do we first discover Riiya's passion for food?
  3. Shiine made a dumb suggestion in the first episode. What was it?
  4. How many arrows did Chacha (as the Magical Princess) shoot at Access when she first saw him?
  5. What did Izu and Yuda do to appease Argyl (the human volcano)
  6. How many of the enemies have fallen in love with any of the good guys (not counting Kyuu-la)?
  7. True or False: Marin has said that Chacha is cuter than her.
  8. When trying to recall the recipe to bake a cake, Chacha tried to remember the time Seravi baked her and Riiya a cake. What flavour was the cake the Seravi made?
  9. How many big frogs have attacked Chacha? (not counting the underwater city of frog people)
  10. Who was the last of Dr. Mikeneko's brothers to appear?
  11. Which of the Warriors of Love, Courage and Hope HAVE NOT attacked Chacha, excluding Seravi?

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Quiz #4

I must apologize for not phrasing some of the questions properly. They were ambiguous and some of you translated them wrongly. I'll try to avoid this problem in the future.

  1. Let's say that you have NEVER seen any of the episodes but you heard about Chacha through the internet. Let's say that you also only know Chacha, Riiya and Shiine (that means you know what they are like, what they look like etc..) and everyone else is a stranger to you. One day you decide to watch the anime right from the beginning of the first episode to the end of the last episode. Which is the first character that would be new to you?
  2. What do we see Shiine wearing in the first episode that we don't every see him wear again?
  3. When the characters are worried, drops of sweat materialise on their heads. In the first entrance theme, how many drops of sweat appear on Chacha's head by the end of the third time?
  4. How many times have Chacha and gang been promoted in school throughout the entire anime?
  5. When the heroes entered Daimarou's castle, they were separated into three groups and each group encountered an enemy. Which of these three enemies have we seen the most of?
  6. In one episode, Riiya's grandfather appeared on his school grounds and ate their lunch. But who was the only character at the end of the episode who was not hungry?
  7. We see an enemy who asks Seravi to teach him to make sushis. What mask did he wear before Seravi agreed to teach him?
  8. How many times do we see the Sushi maker in the entire anime?
  9. Who is the worse shot in the anime?
  10. What is the one thing that attracts Riiya's attention other than food and Chacha?

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Top Scores

  • Aileen: 80%
  • Natrisha: 70%
  • sqylogin: 60%

Quiz #5

  1. OK. Now you have seen all of the episodes from the beginning of the first episode to the end of the last episode. Which character would you see last besides Chacha, Riiya and Shiine? (You should be able to get this. Remember question #1 from Quiz 4?)
  2. Who has run around in his/her underwear?
  3. Which of the characters is usually seen favouring American fastfood over Japanese food?
  4. In the episode that introduced Mookin the Slime Monster, what food was Riiya distracted by?
  5. Who destroyed the bridge built by Anton and Garuk linking the royal land to the outskirts of the magical land?
  6. Which character is insulted the most?
  7. Yellow, blue, brown and green. What is of these colours in the anime?
  8. Which character has a fax?
  9. George uses a sort of laddle to fight. What does his sister use?
  10. Here's a silly question. If Shiine liked the Spice Girls, where would he be wearing his ring?

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Top Scores

  • Princess: 90%
  • sqylogin: 80%
  • Aileen: 60%

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Apologies if I forgot to include your name. Thank you, one and all.