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Riiya is one of the two boys fighting for Chacha's affections (the other one being Shiine) He is always around Chacha (except for the time he lost his memory) and really likes Chacha. Called her 'his girl' in the first episode.

Full Name
Riiya something? His name is pronounced Lee-yah. Dunno why the spelling doesn't conform with the prononciation. Maybe it's cos a lot of Asians in the Orient tend to mix up R's and L's, pronouncing an L for an R and vice versa.
Male. Even as a wolf/dog I think he is still a male.
? No idea. He seems to be the eldest among the three but I am not sure. They all seem to be around 12 years.
Blue hair, incredible strength and can change into a very cute wolf (and is often mistaken for a dog) He had the Braclet which he wore around his right wrist. Later he had to give it up. He has a small pony tail as well. Hair style is that of a typical Japanese character (i.e. like Street Fighter's Ryu.)
Chacha, eating, playing with a ball in his wolf form.
Is liked by
Marin and depending on the situation, Shiine.

Riiya is decended from giants who can change into wolves. I won't call them werewolves since Riiya changes totally into a wolf form. His grandfather on the other hand maintains his human posture. He has incredible strength that seems to run in the family. We haven't seen his parents yet but his brothers and granfather appear in the show. His grandfather appears more often tho'. He is the youngest in his family and apparently the fact that his brothers normally beat him to the food is how he bacame so obsessive with eating. Although he can change form, he has no other magical abilities. Because he could not perform any other magic, he was at first not going to Urara's School of Magic with Chacha. But after pleading with Seravi, he finally gave him the OK. He's in the same class as Shiine and Chacha, that is Section Banana under Teacher Rascal.

When Riiya transforms into a wolf, he is so cute that he is often mistaken for a dog (I believe the term is 'kawai') Shiine uses this to his advantage and throws insults his way. (like "Hey Chacha! Here's Lassie!") Chacha thinks that he is absolutely cute as a dog/wolf and hugs him to pieces. A lot of other characters tend to mistake Riiya for a dog and he hates that. ("I'm not a dog!") Everyone in school knows that Riiya can transform into a canine counterpart...... everyone except Marin that is. Riiya uses this to his advantage and changes form whenever Marin is around and isn't looking in his direction. Marin hasn't caught on why is it Riiya suddenly disappears and is replaced by a canine and accuses Chacha of being responsible. She also tends to beat up poor Riiya in his dog/wolf form, thinking he is Chacha's pet (he could only wish!). Even as a human, Riiya has some wolf-like tendencies that include howling at the moon (Or as Shiine would say, "barking at the moon.") and sharp canines (which you can barely make out) Like a wolf, he has an extra-sensitive nose even as a human and can smell animals.

Riiya loves food. (That's why I like him!) He often complains that he is hungry (Shiine says Riiya is always hungry) even in dire situations. When he is really hungry, he transforms and 'wolfs' down the food. (excuse the bad pun!) When staying in the castle, he hated using the things called "knife" and "fork" and wanted out. When the New New monster adopted him as her baby, he decided to stay only when she fed him milk in a baby bottle. When a huge loaf of bread fell on him, he just lay under there and started eating!

Riiya is kinda insensitive although I don't know if he is on purpose. He often makes fun of Seravi and Dorothy (When Dorothy cooked a delicious meal, he said "I always knew you were good for something Dorothy!") and is often 'punished' for his act. (Seravi tends to tie him to a tree to get him out of the way while Dorothy smacks him) He says some really stupid things as well.

Riiya is a bit clueless but he isn't stupid. It's just that when they were given an exam, he kept giving stupid answers that are not wrong if you know Riiya. For example, when he was asked how many papayas he would have left if his grandfather returned 5 of the 20 he bought, he answered "None! I'd eat the rest!" If you know Riiya, this would be true. Then again, when asked to add 2 numbers, he answered "A lot!

As a wolf, Riiya can still talk and walk on his hind legs. Maybe he reads Garfield comics....

Relations with

He really likes Chacha and often argues with Shiine over her affections. They both like to eat, although Riiya is more obsessive when it comes to that subject. Chacha hugs Riiya to pieces when he is a wolf and that makes Shiine jealous.
A rival for Chacha's affections, he some how manages to get along with Shiine. They both know when the situation calls for them to put their differences aside. The two often bicker when it comes to Chacha's affections and that makes Chacha unhappy. Shiine often tries to convince Chacha not to be upset whenever they lose Riiya. ("There is a pet shop in the next town. We could get another dog!") Shiine always makes fun of Riiya's dog like appearance as a wolf and Riiya doesn't like that.
Seravi and Dorothy
He makes fun of both of them, though not all the time. They don't appreciate it and smack him. He does enjoy Seravi's cooking though (if nothing else!) When they went back in time and met Seravi, he had the nerve to ask Seravi to cook him more food when Seravi was sad over losing Dorothy!
He avoids her every chance he gets! Riiya always changes into his canine form when Marin is around but not looking in his direction. Even when everyone repeatedly tells Marin that Riiya is right in front of her, all she sees is a dog. She can't put 2 and 2 together and figure out that Riiya is the dog/wolf. As my friend put it, "How smart can a fish be?"

What the rest of the cast say

"Riiya is one of my best friends. I think he's cute as a wolf, dog or whatever. I just wish he'd stop arguing with Shiine."
"OK, I'll admit that I like Riiya....slightly. But truthfully he isn't the best person fro my Chacha."
"All that boy does is eat. Wonder where it all goes."
"Now if Riiya had been brought up by me, he wouldn't have become so insensitive."
"Riiya? Where?! Riiya!! Where are you!!!!"
"Stupid fish... Riiya's OK I guess. It's not like he's interested in Seravi or anything."
"I like Riiya. He's the only person shorter than me when he is a wolf."

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