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The Rumoured Season

11th May 2000

After some time, and a few emails later, it would seem that the new ACC season has been scrapped. I'm sorry if this comes as a blow to you people but really, the new season wasn't confirmed in the first place.

What happened? All that I was told is that when the creator of the Magical Princess talked to his/her superiors about continuing the series, it was decided that it would not be feasible to continue a series that wasn't all that popular in the first place. My source also added an interesting note, and that is producing an anime is apparently a lengthy process.

But what about the scripts and stories, two of which are right here at the bottom of this page? Well, the stories were the planned new season. But now, if it's not going to become a reality, they'll at the least make for some interesting fan fiction for what could have been.

I haven't been receiving any emails from my source in a while, eventhough I've asked some questions. He/she told me that he/she would be busy. I can understand that. As of typing this, I'm pretty darn busy myself!

29th January 2000

I can't reveal my sources. However, if the information I was given is reliable, a few things are just about confirmed:

I suppose you want an explaination. First of all, let me relay some information to you.

Ayahana Min created the Akazukin Chacha series, correct? If you are a true ACC fan, you oughta know that. You would also know that after about 70 episodes, the series was discontinued. One reason why the anime was pulled off the air was because of the flagging ratings.

What happened to the ratings? Why did they drop? Word has it it's cos The Magical Princess was removed from the series. At this point, I would like to stress that The Magical Princess character was created NOT by Ayahana Min, but by another individual (whose identity I shall not reveal as of this moment, mainly because I do not know him/her either!)

The New Chacha series is being planned by this person, the creator of The Magical Princess. It would seem as though the title "Akazukin Chacha" WILL NOT be used for this new series. The reason is because the series takes places years after the current Akazukin Chacha series has stopped. Chacha is no longer wearing her red hood and so the title "Akazukin" (meaning red hood) no longer is appropriate. The new series is an ENTIRE NEW STORY, based on the characters you met in the first anime, Akazukin Chacha.

Akazukin Chacha was aimed at 7 year old girls. The new series is aimed at the a wider audience. Although nothing is confirmed yet, there is reason to believe that the new series is targetted towards more mature audiences. If this is true (and again I stress, IF this is true) then I'm guessing a PG-13 or even an M rating.

What did I mean by "new Chacha stories have been penned but there are no scripts yet"? The stories, I have been told, were written to give those involved (writers etc...) an idea of the episode(s) before an actual script is prepared. I have a few of these stories on my site as a "Kayin's ACC Archive and Fan Fiction Library ACC Archive EXCLUSIVE. Other sites may be given the same, or additional information, at the discretion of my sources.

I would like to thank my sources (who will, until further notice, remain annonymous) for this unique honour to upload the information which was given to me.

Now, onto the stories!

This entire website, in all its incarnations, always depended on the kindness and contributions of its audience. Some of those who helped are:

Apologies if I forgot to include your name. Thank you, one and all.