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Chacha's guardian, he is seen as over-protective. He helps Chacha out but disguises himself so that she doesn't recognise him. His doll, Elizabeth is always at his side.

Full name
Wonder if his last name is as wacky as the name 'Seravi'.
? He's been around for quite a while. He brought up Chacha for 12 years. And before that, he looked in his early twenties when he was serving the king, Chacha's father. Probably in his mid-thirties.
Long, green hair; wearing a long robe and has a doll named Elizabeth constantly with him.
Dorothy, though he liked her even more when she was younger and had golden hair. When Dorothy delibrately turned her hair pink, he started to dislike her and has been making fun of her hair ever since. He also likes Elizabeth, probably because Elizabeth is based on how Dorothy looked like when she was younger, complete with the golden locks.
Is liked by
Yakko, Dorothy (even though she acts like she wants to kill him.), Chacha, Doris (Dorothy's relative), Shironeko (Dr. Mikeneko's sister)
He pretends to dislike Dorothy and makes fun of her. They eventually get married (oops!!) I said that they argued so much they might as well have been husband and wife. He doesn't like Doris, probably because she's a he.

BCC (Before Chacha), Seravi was working for the king. He lived in the castle for most of his young life. He is one of those irritating people who does everything perfectly. He said that he was good in school and sports (show-off) When he was young, he could already cook, play the piano and beat up a judo teacher whom he thought was hurting Dorothy. The house he lives in was built by himself at a young age, hoping that it would be his and Dorothy's love nest. Riiya commented that Seravi wasn't normal. How true.

Seravi's house that he built himself. It gets wrecked a lot.

Much about his past and his s with Dorothy was revealed in a two part episode much later in the series when Chacha, Riiya and Shiine accidentally went back in time. The trio met up with Seravi in the past. Seravi looked roughly the same age as Chacha. Back then, he could not preform any magic so Chacha had to teach him. When his spells turned out to be more powerful than Chacha's (and that's when he didn't know magic!) Chacha conlcuded that Seravi could preform magic, but he just didn't know how.

Apparently, he can preform what is called Ancient Magic, along with Dorothy. Dorothy wanted to become the "World's Greatest Magicain" and gained that title when she dealt the final blow to her would be teacher Peekabon. When Seravi accidentally K.O.ed her with a bouquette of flowers meant to display his affections towards her, he became "The World's Greatest Magician", much to Dorothy's dismay. Dorothy wanted them to fight so that she could regain the title but Seravi refused since he liked her so much. So Dorothy used a spell she read in Peekabon's book that turned her golden hair pink in an attempt to make Seravi hate her. It worked, but not in the way she wanted it to. Seravi was so angry that Dorothy would change the way she looked he just walked off, not wanting to even talk to her!

Seravi was entrusted with baby Chacha when Daimarou was attacking the king's castle. He was told to bring her up, teach her magic and give her the Magical Princess Medallion, the Bracelet and the Ring when she was older. Later when he let her go off by herself with Riiya and Shiine to look for Daimarou's castle, Chacha got hurt bad and Seravi blamed himself seeing as how the king entrusted Chacha to him.

Seravi is a regular fountain of knowledge. Chacha goes to him when she is stuck with a big problem. It was Seravi that told Chacha of the Phoenix Sword and the Band Shield. It was also he who told Chacha and her friends that they had to give up the Princess Medallion, the Bracelet and the Ring in order to seal the gateway to the Netherworld. (Big Mouth!)

Seravi sees that he has to teach Chacha about magic and about life. When he felt that Chacha was no longer advancing in her magic skills, he set up a tournament whereby Chacha would have to fight him for the title of "The World's Greatest Magician". Chacha beat him but I'm sure he held back. He regained his title in a later episode by snapping his fingers! He needed to beat Chacha not for the title but to teach her something about life when she was fed up of being "The World's Greatest Magician" and wanted to purposely lose to Kyle.

His constant comapanion is a doll named Elizabeth (I think that he is a tad wakko) and makes her talk through vetrue...... vertuen........ throwing his voice! He uses Elizabeth to throw insults at Dorothy. Elizabeth once talked on her own when she/it was taken to Guppetto's house. Seravi had to leave Elizabeth in Chacha's care while he went somewhere (big mistake!) Chacha, Riiya and Shiine messed up Elizabeth bad and their attempts to fix what they did only made things worse. Elizabeth ended up with a sagging face and very long limbs! They had to bring the doll the the doll maker, Guppetto (sorta like Pinochio's Geppetto I guess) , and asked him to fix Elizabeth. When they forgot about her, Elizabeth piped out "What does an injured doll have to do to get some attention around here!"

Doris, Dorothy's relative who likes Seravi, is a guy. Hence, Sreavi, being a normal male doesn't like Doris. A few people who e-mailed me noticed that Seravi only hits guys that hug him (Teacher Bara Baraman and Doris) but not girls. Good noticing guys!

Seravi's house if full of interesting stuff, from flying shoes to shrinking potions. When he isn't doing anything else, he is mixing potions for who knows what purpose.

Relations with

He's Chacha's teacher and parent for the first 12 years of her life. He teaches Chacha magic but she often messes up.
Riiya likes Seravi cause he can really cook! When they went back in time, Seravi was mourning over losing Dorothy to Peekabon and Riiya haad the nerve to ask him to cook more egg! ("I built this small cabin with my bare hands but instead I ended up cooking for this...this...dog wolf!) Riiya sometimes makes some insensitive remarks towards Seravi and often finds himself tied to a tree.
Yes, they argue and act like they hate each other. Far from it. Dorothy does resent having to live with Seravi succeeding in everything he does and, more importantly, having the title of "The World's Greatest Magician" but she likes him. When Seravi shrunk, she saved him from drowning in her bathtub. They get hitched in the end, but Yakko's accidental detonation of the dynamite she planted ruined the whole thing.
He hates her... I mean him.
Yakko revealed why she liked Seravi in almost the final episode (I think it was the fifth from the last) When she was young, she went to the Gora Gora Mountain to look for herbs. There she was chased by a bear and saved by Seravi who also gave her some medicinal potion that took away all her pain. It even fixed the tears in her dress! And she's liked Seravi ever since, calling him Prince Seravi. Seravi is aware of her affections towards him but doesn't really do anything, probably because he doesn't know what to do. There is also another story that says Yakko was originally a monkey until Seravi turned her into a girl. I don't know how far this is true but when Ranran and Kankan showed up for the second time, my friend claimed he heard Yakko commenting that she remembered the Amusment Park they ran. However, in that episode, she was turned into a warthog instead of a monkey. When she heard that Dorothy was getting married to Seravi, she lost it and wanted to blow the whole ceremony up with dynamite. Suzu sorta stopped her. Watch the episode if you wanna know more!

What the rest of the cast say

"He's been around for sooooo long that I have forgotten just how old he is."
"He can cook. 'Nuff said."
"No comment...."
"Oh go away! I'm still trying to smack Seravi for insulting me back on Chacha's page!"
"No comment. But since he is the Greatest Magician in the World, can he make a love potion for me and Riiya? Yakko tried once and she blew it!"
"____________________" (fill in your choice of swooning words here.)
"He's nice. I suppose that is why Chacha is nice too."

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