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I think he's called Shiine Chan in the Japanese version only. In the English, version he is called simply Shiine.

Full Name
? They are all around 12 years of age. Probably older than Chacha but younger than Riiya.
Brown hair, often wearing a purple robe. He wore the Ring on his right hand before giving it up.
Chacha, Teacher Dorothy.
Is liked by
Dislikes Depending on the situation

Shiine made his appearance in the first episode but only saw Chacha mid-way through it. Fell like a ton of bricks! Like Chacha, he can perform magic and like Chacha, he messes up sometimes (thought not as often as Chacha herself.) His father, Access, placed him under the care of Dorothy when he was still a baby. The reason was because Daimarou had imprisoned Shiine's mother and Access had no choice but to do Daimarou's bidding. Not wanting Shiine to grow up under the rule of Daimarou, he told Dorothy to take care of him and teach him magic.

Between Shiine, Chacha and Riiya, Shiine is the smartest one, often smelling traps and tricks. Neither Chacha nor Riiya pay any attention to his warnings and they all end up getting trapped.

Shiine lives with Dorothy in her castle and she often makes him do all the cleaning and cooking. When staying at the king's castle after rescuing Chacha's parents, his mother insisted on doing all the cooking and cleaning that he like so much (can you imagine?) Like Chacha and Riiya, he too wanted out.

Shiine likes Chacha so much he fought his own father to protect her. He lost by the way. But then Chacha Holy-Up'ed and defeated Access with a Phoenix Sword blast. Shiine was understandably upset but was comforted when Seravi told him the Phoenix Sword would not take anyone's life. That led to the trio finding Shiine's mother in the following episode. What I don't quite understand is when Shiine's mother and father were reunited, they just left Shiine and went to start life anew! They left their son! Once peace had returned to the land, Access was once more working for the king, Chacha's father. Shiine had a heck of a time trying to get used to living with his parents, which included letting the mother do all the house work. (Don't look at me! Shiine's mother said that Shiine was a little boy and should be out playing! Don't you wish you had a mother like that?)

Shiine is the smartest student in his class, Section Banana. Teacher Rascal purposely gave him a difficult quesion in their examinations because he was so clever. I suppose the Kiasu philisophy of "Think smart, act blur" should be applied.

Relations with

He likes Chacha. Tries to impress her and convince her Riiya thinks of his stomach more that her. Chacha doesn't return either of the boys affections very much. She likes them both the same.
They get along unless they are trying to get Chacha's affections. Then it's every boy for himself. Still they both know when to put their differences aside. I liked it when they were partners in a three-legged race. Shiine insults Riiya by calling him a dog.
I am sure he knows that Suzu likes him. He treats her nicely enough. Suzu tends to admire him from a distance. She's too shy to do anything else.

What the rest of the cast say

"Shiine is so smart that it scares me!"
"I'll admit that I like Shiine....to a certain extent. But that doesn't mean that I'll let him have Chacha."
"At least he doesn't mess up as much as Chacha."
"Of course he doesn't! I taught him!"
"I'm not interested in any boy who isn't Riiya! But it's Shiine's fault that Riiya likes Chacha. If Shiine had nabbed Chacha for himself, Riiya would be mine!"
"I have to agree with Marin. If Shiine had Chacha, Seravi would be mine!"
"Shiine? Ohhhhhhh...." (Red in the face)

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