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Suzu is a little ninja who we see in the second episode but doesn't talk yet. She is very quick and nimble as all ninjas are.

Full name: ? Is it just Suzu??
?? Probably the same age as Chacha.
The shortest of the cast. She is a ninja and is seen wearing pink ninja gear, or sometimes a kimono. She has a sword and (somewhere on her) a gun (the recoil of which sends her flying!) In the English version of the show, she has a very hollow voice and it's hard to make out what she is saying. Also, I think she is called Orin in the Japanese version. Why they changed the name is beyond me.
Shiine, apparently when Shiine saved her from falling and hurting herself.
Is liked by
I suppose Shiine likes her, even if it is only a little seeing how he doesn't shun Suzu the way Riiya shuns Marin.

Suzu is a really cool ninja, but then all ninjas are cool :) She trains with (and I think was trained by) her grandfather who also rarely appears in the show . (Incidentally, it was Suzu's grandfather who taught Chacha how to use a sword when she found the Phoenix Sword.) Suzu lives with her grandfather (Where are these kid's parents?) His grandfather is old and, understandably, had back problems which are a little bit of a problem when he is in the middle of battle. :)

We first see Suzu in the second episode, along with Yakko but she doesn't talk yet. She can perform some magic but we rarely see it. She tends to rely on her ninja skills which include camouflaging into the background.

Unlike the previous 2 girls, Suzu likes Chacha, despite Shiine spending most of his time with Chacha. Isn't that nice? She's kinda shy tho' and not as obssessive with Shiine as Marin is with Riiya. Shiine treats her nicely enough.

She hangs out with Marin and Yakko when Chacha and her friends are not around.

In the Jelly fish episode, Chacha actually called Suzu 'Orin'. This is the ONLY time that I've heard Chacha call her that in the Englih translation. For the remainder of that episode, Chacha called her Suzu again. Wonder what happened.

Relations with

They get along just fine. No trouble here.

She's too shy to do anything but admire him from afar. Shiine probably knows that she likes him. I think everyone knows.

In the last episode, Suzu said she was Yakko's friend. Before this, Yakko felt she had no friends. Suzu stopped Yakko from planning to blow up Seravi's wedding. But as soon as Suzu left her for a while, Yakko "went crazy" (as she put it) and planted dynamite everywhere!

What the rest of the cast say

"Suzu is cool! Her grandpa taught me how to use a sword."
"I agree with Chacha. Suzu is cool.
"She's nice..." (blush blush)
"I rarely see her cos she is so short."
"Seravi, that's not nice!"
"She needs me just as much as Yakko does!"
"That's it Marin I am going to personally smack you! I'm sure everyone will thank me!"

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