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Teacher Gaza

After defeating Daimarou and rescuing Chacha's parents, Chacha, Riiya and Shiine stayed for a while in the castle. Teacher Gaza made sure that they studied.

Full name
Gaza I suppose. He only appeared once.
Looks really old.
Short with traditional wizard's clothes.

Seravi remembered Teacher Gaza as a kind and gentle old man. I doubt that Chacha would agree! He told Riiya to eat with 'knife' and 'fork' but he hated it. They got so bored in his class that they devised a plan to escape. They asked Teacher Gaza to keep changing into objects and people. As he was doing this, we hear Chacha's voice saying "That's great Teacher Gaza! Do some more!" And so he does, until he finally catches on and sees that his students have left and in there place were 3 dolls and a tape recorder going "That's great Teacher Gaza! Do some more!" over and over again!! When he finally caught them, he punished them by making them clean up a very dirty room.

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