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Yakko appeared in the second episode, but back then she had a smooth voice. Somewhere along the line, she adopted a hoarse voice that makes you just want to hack. She is the self-proclaimed rival of Chacha (eversince Yakko found out that Chacha lives with Seravi) and shows it by wearing a black hood.

Full name
Yakko. (no relation to the Warner Brother that appears in Animaniacs) I think her full name in the Japanese version is 'Kurozukin Yakko' or 'Darkhooded Yakko'.
Older than Chacha, Riiya and Shiine.
Purple (!) hair and wearing a black hood that sorta symbolysis rivalry with Red-Hood Chacha. She uses potions a lot more than magic and her potions have a lot of weird effects. She often uses the wrong one. She also wears a pair of earrings, further proving she is older than Chacha.
Seravi and probably Kyle.
Is liked by
Kyle. I've seen him appear twice, but he only talked in one episode.
Chacha cause she lives with her 'Prince Seravi'.

I'm not too sure about this but she might have originally been a monkey, turned into a human by Seravi. When Ranran and Kankan came for the second time, my friend said he heard Yakko commenting that she remembered the Amusement Park they ran. We are however told how she came to like Seravi in one of the last few episodes. When she was young, she was looking for some herbs on Gora Gora Mountain and Seravi saved her from a bear chasing her. He then gave her some medicinal potion that took away her pain and even repaired her dress! In this same episode, she meets up with Riiya, Shiine and Chacha when they were young but she doesn't remember them. That's how we found out that she is a little older than all three of them.

Yakko is the self-proclaimed rival of Chacha, sporting a black hood as opposed to Chacha's red hood. She resents that Chacha lives with Seravi. We often see her swooning over Seravi, imagining that he feels the same way she does. That is not the case of course. Seravi doesn't do anything to deter Yakko's affections, probably because he doesn't know what to do!

Yakko can perform magic but she tends to rely on her potions to do her work. More often than not, she accidentally uses the wrong potion, with catastrophic results! Her potions are normally labelled with letters like "Potion DX". Maybe that's why she gets confused.....

Kyle is a student in Section Orange of Oulala's School of Magic. He likes Yakko and we are given the impression that she likes him as well. Unfortunately for Kyle, Yakko still likes Seravi and she told him that if he could become "The World's Greatest Magician", she'd give him a chance. At that time, Chacha held that title and was eager to get rid of it. So they conspired a plan where Chacha would purposely lose to Kyle. But then Seravi, upon knowing of their plan, regained his title to teach Chacha a thing or two about life. Kyle talks only in this episode. You can probably see him in other episodes but he is more part of the background scenery than anything else.

Although Yakko does not like Chacha, she knows when to put it aside. Like when they were fighting Daimarou. I supposed the funniest one was when Yakko actaully protected Chacha from harm because if Chacha got hurt, Seravi would spend more time with her!

Yakko is in Section Banana in Urara's School of Magic. She gets angry when reminded that Chacha is living with Seravi but is very calm when swooning over him. She was understandably upset when he was going to marry Dorothy and planned to blow the whole marriage up! Suzu stopped her but when Suzu left Yakko for just a while, she went crazy and planted dynamite everywhere.

Relations with:

What more is there to say other than she is Chacha's self-proclaimed rival. Tha black hood she wears says it all.
"Oh my darling, Prince Seravi.." That's all she ever says about him.
They tend to team up to throw insults at Chacha. The first time she helped Marin, she charged her!
She told this lad she would give him a chance if he becames "The Worlds Greatest Magician" that was currently held by Chacha. She probably likes this "Beetle Bailey-like" character although she doesn't want people to know.

What the rest of the cast say

"As if I didn't have to worry about Marin, here comes Yakko with some silly notion about someday marrying Teacher Seravi."
"I prefer Yakko to Marin, she doesn't beat me up!"
"Her day dreaming does get annoying..."
"Go away! I am NOT here!!"
"Isn't she that darkhooded girl?"
"That girl NEEDS me! Without me, who knows what she might have become!"
"I really feel sorry for Yakko. She doesn't have any friends....."

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